wordnetscope faq

How to make a "wildchar" query ?

The SQL wildchar is '%'. So 'abc%' will stand for all words starting with 'abc', '%abc' for all words ending with 'abc', '%abc%' for all words including with 'abc'

How to make a non-standard query ?

Type the query in, it will be recognized.

What is the syntax of queries?

HQL (and JPA QL which is a subset of HQL).

What is the launcher for?

It reads the configuration and launches a WordNetScope child process with the required JDBC driver in the classpath.

What is the config for?

It loads the required JDBC driver and creates a <user_home>/.wnpersistence configuration file.

Where does WordNetScope get its configuration from ?

  1. -config:<path_to_config_file>
  2. <user_home>/.wnpersistence
  3. <install_home>/wnpersistence.properties

What does the configuration file contain ?

  • jdbc.driver.jar=driver path (can be relative to install home)
  • hibernate.connection.url=jdbc connection URL
  • hibernate.connection.driver_class=class name of the driver's main class
  • hibernate.connection.username=jdbc username
  • hibernate.connection.password=jdbc username password
  • hibernate.default_catalog=jdbc catalog name (if needed)
  • hibernate.default_schema=jdbc schema name (if needed)
  • hibernate.dialect=Hibernate dialect
in the Java Properties file format.
For example:
  • jdbc.driver.jar=jdbc/postgresql-8.4-701.jdbc4.jar
  • hibernate.connection.url=jdbc\:postgresql\://localhost\:5432/wordnet30
  • hibernate.connection.driver_class=org.postgresql.Driver
  • hibernate.connection.username=wnreader
  • hibernate.connection.password=wnsql
  • hibernate.default_catalog=wordnet30
  • hibernate.default_schema=public
  • hibernate.dialect=org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect

How to use WordNetScope in JPA mode?

Enter -JPA as parameter on the command-line.

What is the console for?

It is used for debugging purposes and displays the actual SQL statements used - after translation - to query the database.

How to force a query?

Strings starting with '!' will be interpreted as queries (and the '!' removed)?

How to modify the Look and Feel?

Enter -laf:xxx as parameter on the command-line, where xxx is substance|quaqua|liquid|kunststoff.

How well are different database systems known to perform?

This is an informal benchmark:
databasestartup (ms)query (ms)
MySql 1563 3713
Postgresql 1299 2522
Sqlite 1378 1097
Derby 2035 1097
HsqlDb 304901105