edu.princeton.wordnet.browser.tree.renderers.pojos.Renderer Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::tree::TreeCellRenderer.

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Public Member Functions

 Renderer ()
Component getTreeCellRendererComponent (final JTree tree, final Object value, final boolean selected, final boolean expanded, final boolean leaf, final int row, final boolean hasFocus)

Protected Member Functions

void registerPatterns ()
DefaultDecorator makeDecorator (final DefaultMutableTreeNode thisNode)

Protected Attributes

List< Pattern > thePatterns
Map< Pattern, SimpleAttributeSet > thePatternToStyleMap

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Package Attributes

static Color theValueColor = new Color(175, 175, 175)

Detailed Description

WordNet-specific renderer

Bernard Bou

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

edu.princeton.wordnet.browser.tree.renderers.pojos.Renderer.Renderer (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

edu.princeton.wordnet.browser.tree.renderers.pojos.Renderer.[static initializer] (  )  [static, package]


DefaultDecorator edu.princeton.wordnet.browser.tree.renderers.pojos.Renderer.makeDecorator ( final DefaultMutableTreeNode  thisNode  )  [protected]

Make node decorator as per node content

thisNode node
node decorator
void edu.princeton.wordnet.browser.tree.renderers.pojos.Renderer.registerPatterns (  )  [protected]

Register patterns

Member Data Documentation

Pattern list

MappedStyle for patterns

Color edu.princeton.wordnet.browser.tree.renderers.pojos.Renderer.theValueColor = new Color(175, 175, 175) [static, package]

Default value color

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