edu.princeton.wordnet.wnscope.wizard.DatabasePanel Class Reference

Inherits org::netbeans::spi::wizard::WizardPage.

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class  OpenConnection

Public Member Functions

 DatabasePanel ()
void addNotify ()
WizardPanelNavResult allowNext (final String stepName, final Map settings, final Wizard wizard)

Static Public Member Functions

static String getStep ()
static String getDescription ()

Protected Member Functions

void initialize ()
Component createPasswordComponent ()
void renderingPage ()
String validateContents (final Component component, final Object event)

Protected Attributes

JComboBox theModeComboBox
JTextField theDBTypeComponent
JComboBox theProtocolComponent
JTextField theHostnameComponent
JTextField thePortComponent
JTextField theDatabaseComponent
JTextField theSchemaComponent
JTextField theUrlComponent
JTextField theUsernameComponent
JTextField thePasswordComponent
JTextField theDatabaseFileComponent
JPanel theModePanel
JPanel theNetPanel
JPanel theNetXPanel
JPanel theSchemaPanel
JPanel theFilePanel
JPanel theResPanel
JPanel theMemPanel

Package Types

enum  Mode {
  NET = ("net"), NETX = ("net (with protocol)"), FILE = ("file"), RES = ("resource"),
  MEM = ("memory")

Package Functions

void updateUrl ()

Detailed Description

Panel for collecting information needed to connect to a bsys.database

Bernard Bou

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

edu.princeton.wordnet.wnscope.wizard.DatabasePanel.DatabasePanel (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

Component edu.princeton.wordnet.wnscope.wizard.DatabasePanel.createPasswordComponent (  )  [protected]

Create password component

password component
static String edu.princeton.wordnet.wnscope.wizard.DatabasePanel.getDescription (  )  [static]

Get description

static String edu.princeton.wordnet.wnscope.wizard.DatabasePanel.getStep (  )  [static]

Get step

step identifier
void edu.princeton.wordnet.wnscope.wizard.DatabasePanel.initialize (  )  [protected]

Initialize and assemble components

void edu.princeton.wordnet.wnscope.wizard.DatabasePanel.updateUrl (  )  [package]

Update Url

Member Data Documentation

Database/catalog component

Database file component

Database type component

File panel

Hostname component

Memory panel

Mode combo

Mode panel

Net panel

Extended net panel

Password component

Port component

Protocol component

Resource panel

Schema component

Schema panel

Url component

Username component

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